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Bienvenido a lo encantador mundo de eatea!


I am your té sommelier eatea - té sommelier, ready to take you on a sensory journey through the lush lands of the finest and most delicate teas.

My name is Laurent, from Belgium (Wanze), a tea addict since July 2011, based in Belgium (Liège - Wanze - Namur) eatea - your tea sommelier.

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Tea is much more than just a beverage. It is a complete experience, a symphony of flavors, aromas, and age-old traditions.

Just like a wine sommelier, my role is to introduce you to the intricacies of this precious leaf, helping you explore its different varieties, unique terroirs, and preparation techniques that reveal its full potential.


Tea and food pairings are a true symphony of the senses eatea - your tea sommelier, where the complex notes of tea blend with the textures, aromas, and flavor profiles of dishes.
Whether you are a gourmet connoisseur or a culinary explorer eager for new experiences, you will discover surprising combinations that will awaken your taste buds and elevate every meal.

Imagine savoring a delicate Japanese green tea eatea - your tea sommelier with floral accents alongside fresh sushi eatea - your tea sommelier, creating a perfect harmony between marine and vegetal flavors.
Or perhaps you prefer a bold and robust black tea accompanying a piece of dark chocolate, revealing deep and complex nuances.

I am able to assist you in creating a customized tea menu.


In gastronomy, tea is used in various ways. It can be infused to create sauces or marinades, added to recipes to enhance flavors, or used in tea-based infusions to perfume creams, ice creams, and pastries.

Whether in a Michelin star restaurant (or/and Gault&Millau selection) or in a creative pastry shop, tea adds a new dimension to culinary art.
Its subtle marriage with ingredients and cooking techniques opens up a range of possibilities for chefs and adventurous food enthusiasts.

Tea and food pairings:
 eatea - your tea sommelier  tea and cheese
 eatea - your tea sommelier  tea and chocolate
 eatea - your tea sommelier  tea and whisky
 eatea - your tea sommelier  tea and meal (aperitif, ...)
 eatea - your tea sommelier  tea and dessert

Tea in the gastronomy:
 eatea - your tea sommelier  tea and meal (aperitif, ...)
 eatea - your tea sommelier  dessert with tea
 eatea - your tea sommelier  tea cocktail
 eatea - your tea sommelier  tea mocktail

eatea - your tea sommelier     eatea - your tea sommelier
eatea - your tea sommelier     eatea - your tea sommelier
eatea - your tea sommelier     eatea - your tea sommelier


eatea - your tea sommelier


Whether you want to organize a refined dinner eatea - your tea sommelier, create a new cocktail or simply enjoy a relaxing moment over a meal, tea and food pairings are a true source of inspiration.


I will be there to guide you, advise you, and introduce you to bold combinations while respecting the unique characteristics of each tea and meal.

You have a restaurant ?, a cocktail bar ?, you are a chocolatier ?, ... ( (ES) - Namur (BE) - Liège (BE) eatea - your tea sommelier, or elsewhere) and you are looking for a passionate guide in the world of tea, do not hesitate to contact me eatea - your tea sommelier or fix a meeting (it's free).
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